Belfast Mural Experience


Welcome to Belfast , a Belfast Mural Experience tour will take you on journey.

Along the way we will stop at the famous murals on the Falls (Republican) and the Shankill (Loyalist) .Through our Murals you will learn about the history of Belfast and Northern Ireland- particularly about the period known as 'the troubles/ conflict'.

Your driver will be a local cabbie with local knowledge and will be a World Host Trained Belfast Ambassador.

Your driver will be someone whom has lived through the troubles and has worked the Belfast roads, the Falls and Shankill.

Your driver will explain how the Murals tell the story of communities on both sides of the wall by allowing the walls to be used by visitors and groups to highlight international conflict.

Murals on both sides have been used to celebrate the past, present and hope for the future . 

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5 of 5 stars WOW, WHAT A TOUR!

Where do I start. First and foremost, this review is way overdue. My husband and I traveled to Ireland and spent 3 days in Northern Ireland in November 2017, specifically Belfast. I cannot describe sufficiently how phenomenal Brian is. What a remarkable, patient and caring man. There were several small hiccups in our two week trip, but the biggest one being Irish Rail canceling our transportation into Belfast from Dublin, due to a strike. I was beside myself scrambling, trying to figure out how we were going to get to Belfast (as we had accommodations, planned tours, and tickets to other attractions prepaid. Not to mention we were on an extremely tight schedule). As my last resort, I pathetically emailed Brian, asking for his assistance. He was beyond generous, happily replied and assisted me in finding alternate transportation, assuring me it was all going to work out and be fine. This is no exaggeration when I say,he saved the trip!! Yes, I had already commissioned him for the mural tour, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and a trip to Giant's Causeway and we did not want to have to cxl it because of losing a day due to lack of transportation. He was our saving grace.. thank you Brian, I could not/can not thank you enough. Once we finally arrived in Belfast, we felt secure in the rest of out trip. Brian himself, met us at our hotel in a genuine black taxi cab, to take us to the Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and also the mural tour. He was so informative and shared so much history with us. Not only did he take us to the above mentioned areas, he also (at my last minute request) took us to the "Dark Hedges". I am not a watcher of Game of Thrones, but I saw the trees in my research and just thought they looked so cool, that I wanted to see them first hand. Brian added that to our tour and then also took us to other attractions seen on Game of Thrones. What a generous human being. He happily spent the entire day with us. It was Brian who picked us up at our hotel, at our requested time of 9 am and we didn't arrive back to the front door of our hotel until after 7 pm. When we booked, we were told we would get a well educated tour guide, but never expected Brian himself. We were happily surprised. He joked with me that he had to meet me personally after we corresponded so much prior to our arrival in Belfast. He felt like he already knew me, lol... great man. I can't stress enough what a great human being he is. He was so happy to show us everything and anything. It was fantastic. What a phenomenal personal experience. This was not a scripted tour, it was very personal, just my husband and myself, along with Brian. We couldn't have asked for more.. everything was perfect and we were taught so much about Northern Ireland. Thank you a million times over Brian and I hope we get to see you again, soon! Book this tour... there are NO OTHER ONES LIKE THIS ONE!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania