Belfast Mural Experience


Welcome to Belfast , a Belfast Mural Experience tour will take you on journey.

Along the way we will stop at the famous murals on the Falls (Republican) and the Shankill (Loyalist) .Through our Murals you will learn about the history of Belfast and Northern Ireland- particularly about the period known as 'the troubles/ conflict'.

Your driver will be a local cabbie with local knowledge and will be a World Host Trained Belfast Ambassador.

Your driver will be someone whom has lived through the troubles and has worked the Belfast roads, the Falls and Shankill.

Your driver will explain how the Murals tell the story of communities on both sides of the wall by allowing the walls to be used by visitors and groups to highlight international conflict.

Murals on both sides have been used to celebrate the past, present and hope for the future . 

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5 of 5 stars  "Arranged this tour for the Giant's Causeway and Belfast.

Brian was waiting for us as we left the cruise ship. He was professional and friendly and made our private tour (2 adults) into a memorable day! We drove an inland route to the Causeway and afterwards the entire coastal route through the Glens of Antrim and countryside back to Belfast.

We stopped at key highlights like big bus tours plus a few small villages for a little stretch. We left the planning to Brian and he made sure that we saw and learned about key cultural sites on the route. He was super!

Prior to returning to the port, we toured the city murals, learned about the ongoing struggles of the city, and enjoyed a first-hand history lesson.

We arranged the tour online with no problems! This private tour with Brian is your best option for a day-long overview of Northern Ireland and Belfast"

Lily Hershey, Pennsylvania